Hackathon Sponsorship Brings Light to Ukrainian IT Team – MasterScout

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Being an IT Company from Ukraine has been brimming with challenges since the war began on February 24th, 2022. Following 10 months of attacks on civilian infrastructure, the hum of electric generators became the soundtrack of Ukrainian struggle, as team attempts to regain access to the internet and electricity.


Since the start of Covid, our team adapted to working from home offices and as our company grew in the pandemic, software developers from 6 different cities joined our team. Today’s unavailability of electricity and internet, make daily stand-ups, coding sync-ups, scheduled meetings, mob programming and a ton of other collaborative practices a sought after luxury. No electricity = no computers. No internet = no communication.


Understanding the challenges in our personal and professional lives, Co-founders of Dutch startup MasterScout, contacted us in the first days of war and offered their support. With compassion for our struggle and trust in our expertise in financial technologies, continued to book us for software development sprints and played a big role in our team’s ability to build and create.


Today, with most of Ukraine in the dark, Masterscout brings light to Team by sponsoring a Coding Hackathon, split between core software improvements and finalizing the delivery of mobile applications for iOS and Android Markets.

Masterscout is a platform that allows fans to scout the biggest talents in football, invest in their virtual shares and build a real player-portfolio. Masterscout will launch its beta release in Q1 2023


The sprint sponsorship enabled us to relocate software developers to Lviv, Ukraine, a city close to the border with Poland. In a rented apartment, powered by an electric generator and uninterrupted internet connection, team is able to do what we love doing – working together as a team and CODING!


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