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YES. My ‘Manual Rate’ feature has options for following existing coins/tokens/pairs available on public resources like Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko and others. You can follow a market of your choice or set variables to slightly differentiate from the chosen market, until your coin begins to breathe a life of its own.
I am flexible to accept ANY source of liquidity that you want to direct at me and I can offer a few options of my own. From hot wallet to external liquidity options, I can support them all. To better understand liquidity faucets, you should first better understand the trading channels I support, where liquidity may be needed: 1. Liquidity of instant non-custodial trades 2. Liquidity for custodian trades at the time of withdrawal 3. Advanced trading order book liquidity Liquidity is no simple topic to write up in an FAQ, so I recommend that you contact my Human-Creators for a custom liquidity solution for your business.
My core services are so lean, it might be hard for you to believe. The only thing that can add weight are blockchains and hosting extensive 3rd party services you might want to support. Otherwise all I need for my system and services is: 8CPU – 16RAM – 160GB server.
It is very important to have a place where you and your admins can test me and any upgrades that we do to my core functionality.
KYC is integrated into my Admin Panel and you can perform your customer KYC using our set of comprehensive features. If you want a 3rd Party KYC service, quite a few are already available as turn-key option or you can integrate the KYC provider of your choosing.
YES. My UI/UX is flexible and developed for further customization. As a customer, you are given access to the full scope of Marionette UI and you can have your designers have a field day developing your branded version. As long as it is within ‘Flat’ (iOS) and ‘Material’ (Android) design guidelines, you can do it all.
Marionette uses GraphQL as API Management and Query Interface. This means that your existing UI can be adapted to Marionette software. Or you can build your own and easily adapt it to our back end using GraphQL. Here’s a link to GraphQL Playground
Marionette collects all data and information for every movement of funds and transactions from trading, internal fees, deposits, withdrawals, blockchain fees, liquidity, bot and everything else under the sun. Provision the requirement for your report(s) for each department of your company that needs a report and the next day you have a button for downloading this information. Need custom reports to be submitted to 3rd party services or regulatory bodies in real time? No problem, just a little bit of coding.
If the Blockchain protocol is already supported (ie. ERC20 for Ethereum) you can add an unlimited amount of tokens from the admin panel. 2 minutes per token should be enough.
Interesting question. How many do you need? Do you want to host ALL the blockchains? Maybe use a 3rd Party Service while retaining full control over your ‘Private Keys’? For the last option, Marionette supports Chainstack ( and it is recommended that you use a service like this to gain access to multiple chains and token protocols without having to host and maintain them all yourself. Maintaining your own blockchains can be very expensive just from a hosting perspective. Factor in maintenance and updates, and you will need a dedicated developer for this task. We recommend staying lightweight and utilizing services that cost you less than hosting the node yourself, unless it is a requirement. But if you are set on hosting your own Blockchain, then rest assured that Marionette can communicate with any and every blockchain and host as many coins as you need. PS. Bitcoin and Bitcoin fork coins are always best when hosted directly. They are stable and run, run, run, run, run with minimal maintenance.


Expectation is precision in understanding every detail of your features and requirements


Careful planning is the key to successful deployment, customization and delivery


When the first two steps are done correctly, the results always meet expectations

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