How Do I adaped to Your business needs?

Time Proven Method:

It's all about a process of Amazing Creation

Project Scope

Assessing the individual needs of your project and comparing them to the existing features is the first step. Learning what you need and objectively comparing these needs to the supported features is a task our Project Managers perform along with you. Next, we assess what has to be developed and/or integrated from 3rd party services.


Assessment of project needs and thorough planning, lead to timely delivery. MVP delivery followed by release of new features on bi-weekly intervals, gives your platform the touch and feel of growth that your marketing department and your users will appreciate. Speaking from experience, planning is the key to success.


Marionette Software and custom features are delivered in a timely manner with thorough planning. Our software is delivered with extensive documentation. After successful completion of our QA we hand over the software for your testing and let you get acquainted with the new features for users and admins.

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